Art in Black


At REIJINSHA GALLERY in Nihombashi, Tokyo, "30 FACES" held from August 20th to September 24th, 2021. Now, it is reproduced at the virtual exhibition in Gates Museum.
This project which started at REIJINSHA GALLERY as "50 FACES" in 2015, is gaining higher support from art lovers and collectors year by year.
The reason for this popularity seems to be the charm of the portrait itself and the difficulty of psychological depiction. The charm of the portrait itself is the shape and size of the eyes, the angle of the eyebrows, the opening of the mouth and the texture of the lips, the color and luster of the hair. Also, the impression of work will change by this arrangement.
From this whole expression, you can imagine the age, personality, and state of mind of the motif, and in addition, the poses and hand movements of that person make the imaginative leap to the situation where the person is placed in the work. Therefore, the painter is required to have a delicate depiction that does not go unnoticed even for a while until the work is completed.
Due to space limitations, the actual exhibition at the gallery was divided into two parts, the first half 30 works, and the second half 30 works, but thanks to this vast virtual space, a total of 60 items can be exhibited at the same time. Furthermore, viewing on a wide scale with the long and short sides of the original size expanded four times (the area is 16 times). We wish you enjoy this new and unique art appreciation method at the Gates Museum.

Art in White

Cat meeting

The exhibition " Cat meeting " which started in 2019, has gained the support of cat lovers as a standard project of REIJINSHA GALLERY in Nihombashi, Tokyo. This time, apart from the actual gallery exhibition, we will hold selected 60 exhibited works from the past three "Cat meetings" at the Gates Museum in virtual space.
Cats that have been loved all over the world both now and in the past. Cats depend on humans but do not lose the wild taste. These two sides make us healed, encouraged, and even feel longing. When the cats at home are staring at the air, and the stray cats form a silent circle regularly, a telepathic "Cat meeting" that transcends human intelligence may have already begun.
Due to the vast virtual space, it can be realized only by virtual that we will exhibit 60 items that are 4 times larger from the long and short side of the original size, 16 times larger than actual size. Why don't you go around here for a while and join the "Cat meeting"?

Art in En

Reiko Meguro Laboratory

This is the first exhibition in the "Circle" room of the Gates Museum, and the first solo exhibition for Reiko Meguro at the Virtual Museum. From an early age, the school science room has been her favorite place. Even after losing "life", I was fascinated by the many specimens of skeletons and insects that continue to exist beautifully as objects. Eventually becoming a painter, the inhabitants of this laboratory became a consistent theme for her lifelong painting. They are wearing a slight eerieness and humor that surpasses it as if they were given "raw" again in the canvas. She received many awards for her strong personality and perfection and was selected as a member of Dokuritsu Fine Arts Society Associate, which is said to have a long way to go before becoming a member. Here, we will trace the trajectory of Reiko Meguro from 2007 to 2021.

Art in Sky I

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Exhibition– The Artist Who Painted Happiness –

The French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) has been called "the only painter who never painted a sad picture", and his style is characterized by a soft touch and rich colors with plenty of natural light. In the more than 50 years of his career, he painted a wide range of subjects, including portraits, families, landscapes, flowers, still lifes, and nudes, but the consistent theme in all of his works was to depict a happy world filled with the joy of living.
This exhibition features 50 works from the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Oslo Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. As a unique virtual experiment, the exhibition features works that have been enlarged to twice the actual size of their long and short sides (four times the area). We hope you will enjoy Renoir's vividly drawn works.

Art in Sky II

Paul Cézanne Exhibition- The Road from Romanticism to Cubism -

Paul Cézanne, a French painter who was active in the art world of the 19th and 20th centuries, was also called the "father of modern painting" and had a great influence on the avant-garde art of the 20th century. Inspired by Delacroix and Courbet, who represents romanticism, Cezanne at a younger age worked together as a member of the Impressionists such as Picasso, Renoir, and Monet, and then painted paintings that incorporated multiple perspectives on one screen. It became the basis of the artistic concept in Cubism, which was later established by Picasso and Black. In this exhibition, we will consider the life of Cezanne in the following three categories.
As an attempt unique to virtual, his work is exhibited at a ratio of doubling the actual size of the long side and the short side (the area is quadrupled). Follow the lifetime of Cezanne through these works of art.
・ROOM 1 Early works (the 1860s)
・ROOM 2 Impression / Constructivist era works (1872-1887)
・ROOM 3 Works of the Comprehensive Era (1888-1906)